Adding a new dimension to retrieving lost revenue

Stale-dated claims

This includes original claims, resubmitted claims and Remittance Advice (RA) payment inquiries. Claims submitted more than six months following the date of service are termed stale-dated claims.

Our experienced Account Managers have handled thousands of complex stale claims cases over the years.

Our process includes:





Errors & rejections backlog

For a variety of reasons, physicians my encumber a backlog of unfixed error reports and rejections, most of which may become stale dated if unaddressed within the eligible submission window.

You can rest assured that our experts can recover for you this, otherwise, lost revenue. We will also ensure that your future errors reports are handled in a timely and efficient manner as part of your billing cycle, so there are no income gaps.

Our process includes:


Identifying areas of lost income and optimizing the billing cycle phases can be done by taking a free audit (also know as Practice Analysis) with us. Depending on the extent of the problem, the audit can range from a simple one where one or two Remittance Advices (RA’s) are examined to a more in-depth one with an entire fiscal year being examined under the microscope.

In over 96% of the practices we audited, an average of 12 – 15 % of potential income was added to the revenue. That’s about $43k – $54k a year in additional income for a practice with an annual revenue of $360k. You do the math!

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